Free Report: The Tealium Advantage

The Tealium Advantage

How Multi-CDN Architecture Creates the World's Fastest Tag Management Delivery Network

There are two primary areas that determine the performance of a Tag Management System (TMS). The first is the system design, which determines when and how the tag loading logic is processed. The second is the delivery network through which tags are loaded.

This free white paper outlines both areas and shows why Tealium's system design and multi-CDN network architecture make it the fastest tag management solution on the market today. Highlights of the report include:

  • Tealium's system design eliminates application server requests which results in faster page load times.
  • Tealium's multi-CDN delivery network guarantees that tags are delivered from the fastest CDN in any given region, at any given time.

Find out why Tealium's tag management delivery network is the world's fastest. Download the report today!

About Tealium

Tealium helps savvy brands bring order to marketing chaos and engage customers in innovative ways. Using Tealium as the foundation for their digital marketing operations, smart marketers can fuel real-time unified marketing initiatives and drive more profitable customer interactions across all digital touch points. Tealium is the recognized leader in enterprise tag management and was recently named one of Forbes’ Most Promising Companies in America for 2014. Each quarter, Tealium serves 1.2 trillion tags on behalf of its global clients, representing an estimated $75B in annual online transactions.

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